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Here at the studio, we have training sessions run in the morning and evening Monday - Saturday. Every one of our sessions are fully coached by our expert transformation coaches to give you a tailor made workout that is suitable to you and your goals. 

We believe training should be FUN! And that training for results doesn't mean training for hours on end. We tailor all your workouts to make them faster, more efficient and more realistic to fit into our busy lives. 


For us it's all about finding balance, learning to love how your body feels and exercising to nourish and improve your performance. 




We use a proven system when it comes to your diet, taking anyone from any stage to develop brand new eating habits using our 5 step system.


With so much information out there on FAD diets and every other person trying to sell you the next big miracle diet, this whole nutrition thing can get super confusing. In all our programmes, we give you a no BS approach, teaching you the principles of REAL nutritional foundations, no fads, no pills, shakes or unrealistic promises...

We have 2 different levels to our Nutrition, you CAN absolutely get the results you desire without ever counting Calories or being on a restrictive diet. 




As coaches, we understand that everyone is different, with different lives, experiences, motivations and levels of commitment, it's crucial we see all of our clients as INDIVIDUALS.


With that in mind, we aim to work with you on a deeper level to develop strong metal habits, giving you the drive to empower you onto amazing things. With weekly 1-2-1 Catch ups with your coach, we'll hold you accountable to your goals, giving you the support and drive you need to be successful.


Whether it's rediscovering your confidence, battling anxiety or facing your own internal fears, we are here for you, every single step of the way.​



The most inspiring, fun, satisfying gym class I’ve ever attended. Tom and Atlanta are amazing - knowledgable, patient, friendly and fun! I’ve met some gorgeous ladies and genuinely feel part of a like-minded team. I can’t recommend MI Personal Training highly enough.

Kate - Warrior Women Member Since Apr 2018



For the programme to be a success, we require everyone of our ladies to TURN UP. That's it! If you come along with an open mind, motivated to make a change and overhaul previous bad habits, we can guarantee you the results.



Where are you located?

Mi Personal Training Studio
110 Coast Road
West Mersea



How Does it Work?
Our Ladies Programme is a unique programme that brings together
elements of group personal training and 1-2-1 professional coaching. 
You'll get access to over 15 hours of fully coached sessions with 
a qualified personal trainer, all within a team environment of
like minded ladies just like you, all set out to reach similar goals. 

Along side this you will also have 1-2-1 time to check in with
your coach, set nutritional goals and track your progress, all completely
tailored to you.

What times are training sessions available?

  • Monday – 9-9.45am, 9.45-10.30am, 6.30-7.15pm, 7.15-8pm - Team Training

  • Tuesday – 9-9.30am, 6-6.30pm – Core & Conditioning, Metabolic Circuits

  • Wednesday – 9-9.45am, 6.30-7.30pm, 7.30-8.45pm – Team Training, Team Training, Yoga

  • Thursday – 9-9.30am, 6-6.30pm, 6.30-7pm – Ladies Fight Club, Metabolic Circuits

  • Friday – 9-10am Team Training

  • Saturday – 9am – Weekend Warrior Workout (Team Training)

Do you provide nutrition advice?
yep. We have a 8 week nutrition advice programme that
supports this with meal planners and a tasty recipe guide.

Is Yoga Included in the 8 Week Course?

Yes, it's completely inclusive as with all our sessions, available to any of the ladies on
our programmes.


When does my membership run until?

8 weeks from the start date.


Can I change the sessions that I do each week?

Yes. We have a lot of shift workers as members and this is really important

to them. So you can switch to whatever day / time you want from one

week to the next depending on what you have going on. COMPLETE FLEXIBILITY


Do I have to be fit already?

Absolutely not. All fitness levels are welcome.

What If I Have Injuries?
These sessions are completely personal and tailored to
every individuals fitness ability, injuries and level of comfort. We deal with
back, knees, hips, name it! - We'll find a way to improve it or 
work around it!


How long does each session last?

Some are just 30 minutes, others are 45 to an hour.


Realistically what kind of result can I expect?

That depends on  your goal. Typical weight loss results

are between 12lbs and 20lb over 8 weeks.


Body Fat loss goals are between 3% and 7% (that's a lot

by the way - meaning you look much more toned)

Fitness and health goals are massive improvements.

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