Practical Tips For Sustainable Fat Loss

February 18, 2019

More often than not, we see and talk to lots of people who have previously opted for the most ‘extreme’ version of what we consider a ‘diet’. 


And many people often fall for the ‘all or nothing’ mentality when it comes to getting results…They bite off more than they can chew, restricting themselves with the idea of ‘forcing’ their results into submission.


Look I get it…You want what you want, and you want it like…yesterday!


But from our experience with our clients and from what we have seen, this is the exact reason that most diets fail and that a scary amount of people, find themselves in a worse place than before they actually started.


In reality, losing weight in the short term is very simple and near on any tactic you see will get you there, but losing weight in the long term is strategic and needs consideration…You need to have a plan and you most importantly need to look beyond the superficial benefits of ‘getting fit for a holiday’ etc…


The key here is to NOT do too much too soon…


TOP TIP - Keep the bulk of your diet ‘familiar’ to the foods you currently eat, enjoy, and have in the cupboards. Focus on making a few smart switches that are going to both reduce your daily calorie spend and improve the quality of the food you eat…


To start, make a food diary and set yourself a task of recording everything you eat over the next few days. Then take the time to review it…


Make changes like…
- Switching your drive by latte on the school run for a smoothie? 
- Switching your 2 slices of white bread at lunch for a higher fibre wholemeal wrap with tuna or chicken?
- Your can of soda for a diet alternative or opting for a flavoured water?
- Your cuppa and a few biscuits for a more balanced snack like a piece of fruit and a protein bar?
- Even switching your daily cocoa pops for a lower calorie/sugar porridge oats with fruits


You could even add things….
- Like breakfast if you find yourself ravenous come 11am at work when you reach for the treat tin in the staff room!
- Giving yourself a daily water goal to keep you hydrated (often thirst can be mistaken for hunger)
- Making time to prepare your lunch the night before when you are finding that you often buy rubbish in your lunch break, instead of making healthier choices?


You get the idea?


In short, a successful and sustainable approach will always be a PERSONAL one.

When creating a ‘plan’ for ourselves we need to take our own, dare I say it, level of ENJOYMENT into account.


It’s not about being perfect right away, but making progress each week and keeping both your mind and your body moving in the right direction.


Many people would rather blindly follow something completely generic and un-tailored to them, instead of taking the time to do it for themselves, don’t be that person.


Take the time to learn more about you and your body...we do after all…only get one!


If of course you would like support in helping you get there, our team would be happy to help

- We’re kinda a big deal you see 🤪 and this is exactly what we LOVE to do…helping people just like you to unravel your bodies potential to look and feel amazing, whilst most importantly - enjoying the process!


Coach Tom



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Practical Tips For Sustainable Fat Loss

February 18, 2019

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