How To Stay Motivated

January 22, 2019

Do you struggle with MOTIVATION?


So, one thing we come across quite often, especially this time of year beleive it or not, is that many people's motivation begins to waiver.


But, motivation doesn't always have to come and go like this...You just need a few key foundations in place that work amazingly well when it comes to staying on track 👍


🔥TIP 1 - Get laser specific! 


One problem we find many people can have when it comes to staying on track, is that they often aren't being specific enough about their goals and exactly what they want to achieve. As with any journey, you can't just set off, hoping to reach your destination without a guide or map telling you exactly where need to go... you need to have a vision, a clear idea of exactly what you would like to achieve, how long it's going to take you, and what achieving your goals is going to do for you.


Answer the following questions about your goals...


- What do I want to achieve? (be specific, use numerical terms and get as much as possible on paper)

- When do I want to achieve my goals? (Give yourself a realistic timeframe, enabling you to break up the journey into bite size goals as Success marker points.)

- Why do I want to achieve my goals? (Explain why exactly achieving you goals is important to YOU. How will it change your life, what are you going to get from it?) 


🔥TIP 2 - Measure Your Progress! 


On your fitness journey, changes can sometimes appear slow. Whether that's because you are seeing yourself everyday and miss the small changes, or simply because you typically doubt yourself and tend to be less optimistic about your progress...either way, tracking your progress is the only sure way of knowing what you are doing right now is actually WORKING! 

So take photos, do measurements, track your weight and your progress in the gym...just don't get stuck spinning your wheels doing the same thing if you're unsure of whether it's really delivering you a result 👍


🔥TIP 3 - HEALTH Comes First!


As with tip 2, changes can sometimes appear slow, but by simply focusing on the superficial changes to your body, you may be setting yourself up to only get results in the short term. If you are on this journey, simply to look ‘better’ without implementing a strong focus on improving your health, fitness and lifestyle long term, then your results will always be coming and going…

You’ll lack consistency, only wanting to put the effort in when the next big event or holiday comes around…


You have to think about the internal stuff too, focus on nourishing your body, treating it with care and wanting to improve your athletic capabilities to be a more awesome human




Focussing on MOVING your body is crucial, doing what feels good, what you enjoy and ultimately what is going to last long term.


But most importantly, push the limits of your bodies capabilities, be a BAD-ASS human being!

We literally only have ONE body, you only have to look around to see so many people that are much less fortunate and don’t have the absolute privilege to be able to do so many amazing things with their bodies. Stop wasting away and leaving your body to degrade, get out and do something awesome with it! 


Make your health and fitness journey one of discovery…Develop new talents, hobbies and ways of life, just focus on being more AWESOME with your body! 


So I hope today’s post has inspired you and giving you that spark you were looking for to re-ignite the fire that’s been starting to fade. 


Get off your butt and go make stuff happen!!


Coach Tom 

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