How To Combat Soreness

January 18, 2019



OK, aching after a workout is sometimes inevitable unfortunately - we can’t use all that energy to workout and not have some kind of bi-product and for us



…its aching muscles. 


BUT there are a few things we can do to try and aid with reducing some of those aches or DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)


1 - Always warm up before you start your workout - allow your body to slowly prepare for the workout ahead 


2 - Eat when you get home from a workout - a meal high in healthy carbs and proteins is ideal - to replenish the body and help the muscles to repair


3 - Foam roller - foam rolling muscles after training such as our quadriceps after a leg day is great for encouraging new blood flow in those areas, releasing the bi-products held in the muscle and this leads to the muscles repairing faster. 


4 - Have regular massages - for serious gym-goers sports massages are a great investment. With regular and intense workouts our muscles can become tight and although doing things like foam rolling can be good - a sports massage does it better. We can gain tight muscles and knots from working hard in the gym and going regularly for sports massages helps to keep our bodies injury free and our muscles loose and knot free - making sure we can keep smashing it in our workouts.


5 - Cool down and stretch - it is easy to go to the gym and rush out once our workout is finished…Don’t do this! This is the prime time for us to stretch. Just after exercising is the perfect time to stretch because our muscles are warm and this will help with decreasing some of that ache. We suggest leaving yourself 5-10 mins at the end of your workout to stretch and foam roller.


Give them a try 👍


Happy Training 

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