The Secret to Staying Full

May 3, 2016 know the stuff, it's great for a ton of different things....



  • Cardiovascular & health benefits

  • Aiding with better digestion

  • Improving your body's efficiency of utilizing nutrients that you get from food

  • Improving fat loss results and muscle gain


While many people’s conception of fibre is pretty simple when asked...


"Well errrr basically, it makes you poop"


There is much more to it than just pooping! And, while I'm sure it's not a topic many of you choose to talk about around the dinner party table, it's very important to know what fibre actually does and why you most certainly need it!


So, generally speaking, dietary fibre is present in all plant foods – fruits, vegetables and grains – but not in animal foods. This is mainly because of the difference in cell structures – plants cells have cell walls, animal cells don’t.

In all cases, fibre can be separated into two main groups....Insoluble and soluble fibre.


  • Insoluble fibre can be found in foods such as wheat, corn, wholemeal bread, brown rice, bran, whole grain cereals, nuts and seeds, vegetables and peels of fruits.


  • Soluble fibre is particularly rich in legumes – lentils, peas and beans, oats, barley, fruits, vegetables and potatoes


Soluble fibre may contribute to your heart health, whereas the insoluble stuff adds bulk to faeces as aids with food passing through you....yes, making you poop 💩

In relation to dieting, fibre is even more important. Having good levels of fibre means you feel fuller for longer, giving you better satiety and better chances of adherence to your diet.


And lastly, let's not forget that in most cases, foods that are higher in fibre are also generally higher in nutrients. More nutrients = better health & wellbeing, which also = enhanced energy for smashing your workouts and day to day living!


So kiddies, get your fruits, veggies, whole grains and all things fibre might just do you the world of good!



**Results guaranteed...farting may vary*     💩🚽🙈

Dedicated to YOUR Success,


Tom & The Team



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