We're Ready! Are You?!

In line with government guidelines, we’re hoping to reopen Mi PT Studio 16th July 2020. Of course, this may be subject to change but we are working hard towards this timeline and keeping our fingers crossed!


We know that rules are dull and being in the gym is our FUN time!! But if we want to go back to play in the gym we MUST PLAY BY THE RULES! We must protect our community and ensure that we are allowed not only to open, but also remain open in line with the new regulations in place!



In the run up to the re-opening, Mi PT team will make sure that the gym is sparkly clean and sanitised for you and all of the regulations are adhered to. The health and safety of our community is our number one priority. If you have any questions, please email us on info@mi-personaltraining.com




If you have borrowed equipment, please make sure that it is returned by Friday 3rd July without fail as we will be needing the equipment for in person classes. 


Later this week Tom will be in contact to arrange time for the bits to be picked up. 



All windows and doors will be open upon your arrival. This is both to allow for proper airflow throughout the facility as well as to minimise any extra surfaces that may be touched on the way in and out of the studio. 


After each class, regardless these areas will deep cleaned along with the rest of the space, in line with our rigorous cleaning protocol. 



In line with the Mi PT cleaning protocol, staff will carry out regular cleaning of high-contact touch points throughout the premises. 

Deep clean of the premises and the equipment will be carried out every night by the team. 

In addition to the Mi PT cleaning protocols, members will be asked to use disinfectant spray before and after the use of the equipment on the gym floor and in the studios. 




All members and staff must maintain social distancing at 2m apart at all times (regardless on potential new gov standards of 1m that may be happening soon) Please look out for and respect floor and wall markings and any other physical cues in the club.



Maximum gym capacity will be based on 3 square meters per person as per the government guidelines. This means that we would only be able to have a number of you in the gym at a given time. To make this as easy and smooth as possible we are introducing ADVANCED BOOKING (please see below for full details)




You must book your visit in advance. You can schedule your sessions in advance through goteamup.com website or app. 


Each client will be able to book two slots per week with our revised timetable (which will be released on Wednesday this week) 


If you are unable to attend you must cancel the slot to give others an opportunity to train. 


You can cancel your slot through the website or by emailing the club on info@mi-personaltraining.com at least one hour before.


£5 cancellation charge will be applied to anyone who fails to attend within their booked session and doesn't cancel their slot. 



Hand wipes/sanitisers will be Wall mounted on entrance to the studio by the front door, as well as on the entrance of the last door of the hallway (new entrance to the gym area). The reception area will also be our designated hand-wash area for members to use upon entry and leaving the premises. 



Initially our toilets will be closed to members in line with current gov guidance of public toilet usage. However, in the coming weeks we do expect that to change. But in the meantime, Make sure you have been to the loo ahead of attending the studio.



In line with gov guidelines masks are not required for members who are attending the gym however we leave this to the discretion of each member attending as well as the use of gloves if you would like. 



To facilitate physical distancing, we have reduced the number of equipment in the main area as well as added social distancing tape. 


It is the responsibility of the members to make sure that all equipment used is cleaned before and after use with the disinfectant spray that will be made available at the reception desk and around the gym. 



We expect to run Main Studio classes, when we open on Monday 6th July 2020.

The training spots will be clearly pre-set and marked with clear floor markings. When arriving for the class please choose one of the designated spots.




We will continue to provide an online platform and provide our Mi PT classes virtually for those who can't attend the club for the time being. We will communicate this to you in due course with our plans after we reopen the club on July 6th 2020


Please limit the number of personal belongings brought to the studio. 




Personal training sessions can continue as long as social distancing is in place.

If you are training with a Personal Trainer at Mi PT, you will be able to book a slot with them through their own personal contact channels. 




Mi PT is first of all a caring community, so if you test positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of visiting the club, please provide us with full details of the visit.



As always, we would love to hear from you and how the new sets of rules affect you and your use of the studio. 

Please write to us on below.